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Cochlear Implants in India - Leaders in bringing hearing back

Highly Reputed ENT Surgeons in India

Our teams of selected world-class ENT surgeons in India have gained expertise and are leaders in the field of cochlear implantation. Their dedication and commitment to patients has been instrumental in achieving success rates at par with the global standards.

NABH and JCI accredited world class hospitals having state of the art facilities.

Dedicated Cochlear Implant OT

Dedicated Cochlear Implant Operation Theatre to provide the highest level of care intra operatively.The dedicated Operation theatres are well equipped with the latest technology to help the doctor achieve higher success rates for the surgery


Through the sheer volumes of this surgery that we do in India, we are able to keep the costs lowest possible in the world. A major component of our cost for this surgery is the Implant, rest has been kept really low to make it affordable to maximum no. of patients.

Life Coach / Counselor

Our team of dedicated life coaches/counselors are instrumental in helping the patient to mentally prepare for the surgery and are pillars of support to the family/attendants with post operative care.


The patient is trained to get accustomed to the cochlear implant and its features. All queries regarding rehabilitation post the procedure is handled during this time. The patient’s post discharge will also be on a regular follow-up with the doctor, in order to achieve smooth recovery.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Implant is a medical device/implant for those patients who have severe difficulty in hearing or are profoundly deaf. The condition could also be congenital(Birth defect). People can become deaf because their sensory hair cells in the inner ear (also known as cochleas) are damaged. This implant is most useful for such patients. Even though the quality of natural hearing is different, the implants can ensure sufficient hearing and a better understanding of the speech. The implant has the power of transforming people’s lives.

A cochlear implant is an electronic medical device that replaces the function of the damaged inner ear. Unlike hearing aids, which make sounds louder, cochlear implants bypass the damaged hair cells of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain. Many people suffer hearing loss because their hair cells in the inner ear or (or cochlea) are damaged. The cochlear implant enables the sound to be transferred to your hearing nerve and enables you to hear.


Our staff is sensitive to the needs of the patients and stand with you every step of the way.  They are capable to deliver assistance 24*7 in case of emergencies.

  • Pre-arrival, no-obligation free quote for your medical condition along with consultations and selection of best doctor/hospital

  • At H&H, all our assistance services are complimentary and you are not charged extra at the hospital if you go through us or go directly. Rather we have the capability of getting you the best prices.

  • Dedicated case manager as one-point contact for all your needs while you are here with us,also responsible to help you get the best price for your procedure

  • Complimentary Airport Pick-up/Drop, Translation,Interpretation services and assistance in choosing the best accommodation.

  • Complete assistance in making the right decisions when choosing the best procedure and full support during your stay at the hospital

  • When you’re back in your home country, we are always a click/call away for your regular follow-up, your visit was just the beginning of our relationship


We try to clear all your doubts and dissipate your fears before you travel. Whatever questions you may have despite that are answered at the destination once all investigations have been done. In this case, as the primary reason for surgery is hearing loss, extreme care and precaution is required post operatively, all steps of which are explained before the procedure. The doctor schedules a full pre surgery investigation, which includes various hearing tests, blood investigations,etc followed by an anaesthetist checkup. The patient is evaluated to be fit for surgery on the basis of results of these examinations. Once he/she is declared fit the surgery is scheduled after consent from the patient

Risks involved in this surgery are damage to facial nerves, dizziness, tinnitus, infection and loss of residual hearing.

Post- Surgery

After the cochlear implant surgery is done, the patient might be observed in the ward for 1-2 days before discharge. The patient might feel a little pain / pressure or discomfort in the ear the implant is done but this settles down in a few days to a weeks. A bandage around the head needs to be worn during sleep for some time after the surgery. The patient does not start hearing immediately after the surgery as some time is given for the surgery site to heal. The external parts are then fitted about 2weeks. The device is then turned on and mapped, which involves adjusting the speech processor and fixing the stimulation level for each electrode. In some cases, the patient needs to be trained in interpreting sounds that are heard through the cochlear implant The patients are always advised to be extra cautious in the initial stages till the time they get used to the device.

Cochlear Implant

What is a Cochlear Implant?

A Cochlear implant is medical device, a labyrinthine, that’s surgically established behind the ear to treat deafness. A Cochlear implant improves hearing by representing sounds higher. Patients might not go back to traditional hearing however they’re going to be ready to hear sounds a lot of clearly and can have AN improved understanding of speech in environments full of noise.


How will the Cochlear Implant work?

The external electro-acoustic transducer and processor gathers the sounds within the atmosphere and converts them into electrical impulses. The external half contains a speech processor that helps in making the feeling of sound. A Cochlear implant consists of internal elements that square measure established  to a lower place of  the skin and external elements that square measure worn by the patient.

The Cochlear implant sends impulses to the eighth cranial nerve that transmits the signals to the brain.

It will bypass the nonfunctional parts of the ear and supply an immediate stimulation to the eighth cranial nerve. These signals square measure then transmitted by the eighth cranial nerve to the brain that perceives the signals as sound.

A Cochlear implant doesn’t increase the degree of sound sort of a hearing aid however it boosts the nervous reaction to sound.



How is that the Cochlear Implant surgery performed?

  • When the device is fitted in situ, it’s tested and also the incision is closed with absorbed sutures.
  • The space behind the ear is smooth-shaven and sterilized.
  • A 2 to 3 inchesincision is created. This results in the gap within the mastoid and into the center ear.
  • The conductor is fastidiously and extremely slowly placed through this gap. The structure of conductor is meant to rearrange the electrodes terribly near the neural structure cells to permit the electrical signals.
  • The receiver-stimulator a part of the Cochlear insert is place on a depression that’s created on the bone.
  • Through the gap within the mastoid, another gap is made within the Cochlear to implant the electrodes.


How to indurate the Cochlear Implant procedure?

The patient might have to travel through sure medical tests such as:

  • Physical examination
  • General physiological condition preparation
  • Psychological take a look at to see if the patient will touch upon the implant
  • Thorough examination of the ear
  • Audiogram
  • Hearing aid analysis

Duration of procedure/surgery


  • It could take longer for youngsters because of the tiny size of their bodily cavity structures.
  • Approximately a pair of hours.

Days admitted :For adult and adolescent patients, the Cochlear implant surgery is conducted as AN patient procedure.

Children, however, could need a one-night-stay at the hospital.

Anesthesia :General physiological condition

Recovery :

– The external elements square measure fitted regarding one month once surgery once the surgery web site has recovered. The device is mapped then turned on, that involve adjusting the speech processor and fixing the stimulation level for every conductor.

– The patient has to be trained in deciphering sounds that square measure detected through the Cochlear implant for several day or perhaps years.

– Some patients could expertise sound sensations that square measure mechanical or artificial for some weeks.

– A bandage round the head has to be worn throughout sleep for a few time once the surgery is completed.


Risks :

– Loss of residual hearing

– Failure of the device to figure

– Infection

– infectious disease

– giddiness and balance connected issues

– harm to the nerves that causes facial dysfunction and style disturbance

– outflow of humor

– Tinnitus




After care :

– If the device fails, surgery is needed to resolve the matter.

– Care ought to be taken to not get the external Cochlear implants wet. they ought to be removed before showering, bathing or swimming.

– Patients WHO need AN MRI might have to get rid of the magnet within the Cochlear implant.


The cost for Cochlear Implant is US $ 16500-17000 with 2 days stay in the hospital. In some cases the procedure is also possible on Outpatient’s/daycare basis. This is an approximate cost and may vary depending on the condition of the patient. The final plan and cost shall be confirmed on the basis of evaluation conducted on arrival.


Our experts will review your case and will arrange opinions/affordable treatment plans from top doctors at 2-3 leading hospitals in India. We give you the power to choose from the best available options.

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