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International medical travel is the concept of traveling to a particular destination for world-class healthcare services. These services are offered by quality, experienced healthcare professionals working at some of the best technologically advanced medical facilities in the world.

International medical travel helps medically underserved residents located in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and Asia, CIS, Middle East etc. The costs are usually a fraction of what the same procedure would be in other countries.

Many countries have internationally recognized healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art medical facilities. Many nations have healthcare professionals with excellent healthcare education and training.

In fact, many international doctors spend time in the US and UK and are trained or have worked in America or Europe, and they are familiar with work trends there.

International physicians will make you feel comfortable with their traditionally warm and pleasant attitude. To offer you the best, international healthcare centers are well equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Many international locations are very diverse in culture but with pleasant and caring cultural values. In most countries, English is often a primary or secondary language, and it is widely spoken and understood.

Yes, it is very safe to travel to various international destinations offers affordable healthcare. However it is important to check and to ensure the location you are interested in traveling to does not have a travelers warning.

This is the travel warning link http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html

The price of your total package inclusive of healthcare procedure, inpatient care, pre and post procedure accommodation at luxury a hotel, personal assistance, transfers, travel and tour costs can be 50% – 80% cheaper than the procedure alone costs (for the same procedure).

Thus you will pay less for world-class healthcare services, visit India (combine and enjoy your vacations/leisure) and at the same time can manage a big saving.

Health and Holidays has been an industry leader for over a decade . We are associated with various hospitals that avail our patient care services. As per our association with hospitals, we invite quotations from various hospitals for our patients, based on their medical history and thus in return are able to provide lower quotes to patients.



We have a large number of available providers, physicians, hospitals, dentists and clinics. Our services include, a listing and information on multiple world-class healthcare services providers from which to choose. By giving you a choice, you can get the best packages available at the best price.

We also offers exclusive packages inclusive of the healthcare procedure at the world-class healthcare facility of your choice, accommodations at a luxury resort of your choice, transfers to and from the airport, city transfers, transfers for all the medical consultations and procedure, travel reservations, post-procedure tours, leisure activities, 24 hour 7 day personal bilingual assistant, cellular phone, personal laptop and other premier services as a complete healthcare package in association with the healthcare providers you choose.

We want you to be confident of your trip and healthcare procedures. We recommend you make as many pre-procedure inquiries that you need to feel confident about your decision. The packages include your ability to make email, telephone and video-conference contact with your doctor before requesting the treatment.

It is important to be completely aware of the treatment and recovery. Your doctor may ask you for all the necessary examinations, diagnostic reports and photos, which you will need to send to the doctor in order to analyze the treatment feasibility before traveling.

We have recruited a list of some of the best qualified, experienced, licensed, board certified and respected doctors in their respective specialties preferably those that have been trained in the U.S., U.K and Europe.

We recommend that you review your potential doctor’s resume, and make as many pretreatment inquiries as you need to fee comfortable with your choice. We only list and work with government registered, world-class medical centers, and we will provide you with all the details regarding the center of choice prior to your treatment.

Yes. In fact a family member or a friend for care, support and company would be the best situation for many patients who are concerned about traveling internationally for medical care. We can make all the arrangements for the accompanying person.

We certainly want you to be confident and comfortable with your trip and healthcare procedures. Therefore, we offer the advantage of connecting you to the doctor through phone, fax, e-mail or video-conferencing. It is important to get all the information you need to make a completely informed and educated decision.

Moreover, prior to the procedure you certainly can request a second opinion from another doctor or medical center.

We have a vast list of empanelled doctors and healthcare centres. We will do the research for you and offer you the available options of the best in category medical specialists / centres to choose from.

Yes, you can always choose another one until you find the one that you trust to complete your procedure.

The payments that you make will be directly made to the hospital. There are many ways to make payments viz a viz Foreign currency, Credit Card, Bank Card or Travellers Cheque. In case you want to avoid the hassle of carrying currency, you may also choose to remit the estimated amount of your treatment directly into the hospital’s bank account.

The advantages of our packages include the following:

  • We are a preferred partner with many prestigious healthcare centers. You will get priority consultations and procedures without any waiting period.
  • We keep all medical records confidential, and your medical trip will remain private.
  • The price quote will give you quality, services and outstanding savings.
  • We have a 24 hour 7 day customer services center with prompt, immediate attention to your requirement and needs.
  • Our travel packages offer you a wide range of selectable services to choose from as per your choices and preferences including transfers, comfortable accommodation, bilingual assistant, cellular phone, certified nurse, travel and vacation tour bookings, laptop computer, personal chef, hobby classes etc.
  • We take care of you throughout your medical treatment including during your recovery.

And there are no charges for this. You still pay the same amount to the hospital as you would have paid contacting them directly.

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