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World Class Interventional GastroenterologyServices at Leading Hospitals in India

Wide Range of treatment Non Surgical Gastro Treatments in India Expert Opinion and World Class interventional gastroenterology treatment from the leaders in this subject. Our associated consultants are some of the world renowned consultants in this field with many years of experience in handling some of the most critical cases.

NABH and JCI accredited world class hospitals having state of the art facilities.

Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Suite

Our dedicated Endoscopy & Colonoscopy Suites are fully equipped with the latest technology of top of the line endoscopy and colonoscopy scopes that help the doctors provide more superior and accurate results.

Highly Experienced Medical Staff

Specialists at our affiliated Gastroenterology & Hepatology unit are trained in the pioneer centres across the world and carry huge experience. They are compassionate and understand that these complex procedures require guidance of a good specialist and are always available for the patients.

State of the art Radiology

A good radiology department is always an added support to the Hepatologist& Gastroenterologist. The latest and high precision X-Ray, MRI & CT machines not only enable the doctors to assess the case better but are also play a vital role during the surgery.

Life Coach / Counseller

Our team of dedicated life coach / counsellers are instrumental not only in helping the patient to mentally prepare for the surgery but are also pillars of strength to the family / attendant in dealing with the post operative stress (if any) that the family may have

Interventional Gastroenterology in India

Interventional Gastroenterology in India

Interventional Gastroenterology encompasses a variety of endoscopic procedures used to diagnose and treat diseases that are typically beyond the scope of regular diagnostic and endoscopic techniques. By combining advanced imaging and device technology with technical expertise, our physicians are helping patients to avoid more invasive traditional treatment approaches such as surgery. These procedures are minimally invasive, meaning they are performed using thin flexible tubes advanced through the body’s natural orifices such as the mouth and rectum, thus avoiding the complications associated with surgery and providing faster recovery times. Interventional endoscopy is utilized in the treatment of bile duct stones, stenting of the gastrointestinal tract, treatment of gastrointestinal bleeding, and the diagnosis and treatment of tumors involving the esophagus, stomach, biliary system, pancreas, small bowel and colon.  We have been providing interventional gastro intestinal treatments in India for years and understand that the problem associated with GI tract is a very common one in today’s day and age. Hence the treatments have to be quick affordable for all.The procedures are typically performed on an outpatient basis, and most patients may return home the same day. Some of the common procedures/problems for which a patient might be referred to a interventional gastroenterologist are given below:

*Endoscopies (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

*Colonoscopies(Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

*ERCP (Diagnostic and Therapeutic)

*Hiatus Hernia

*Stomach Ulcers


*Acid Reflux


Our staff is sensitive to the needs of the patients and stand with you every step of the way.  They are capable to deliver assistance 24*7 in case of emergencies.

  • Pre-arrival, no-obligation free quote for your medical condition along with consultations and selection of best doctor/hospital

  • At H&H, all our assistance services are complimentary and you are not charged extra at the hospital if you go through us or go directly. Rather we have the capability of getting you the best prices.

  • Dedicated case manager as one-point contact for all your needs while you are here with us,also responsible to help you get the best price for your procedure

  • Complimentary Airport Pick-up/Drop, Translation,Interpretation services and assistance in choosing the best accommodation.

  • Complete assistance in making the right decisions when choosing the best procedure and full support during your stay at the hospital

Pre –Treatment

The patients are counselled about the procedure and some precautionary measures below are to be followed for the patient to undergo procedure. The patient should come on an empty stomach and not have had any food or liquids for at least 6 hours prior to the endoscopy. The doctor should be informed if the patient is pregnant, diabetic, or has a heart or kidney problem. Any other health concerns should be reported to the doctor. Some medications that the patient may be taking are discontinued many days before the surgery. There are some medications that should be avoided some days before the surgery. Antibiotics may be given to the patient if the patient has had a heart surgery in the past that involved the use of artificial grafts


Post the procedure the patients closely monitored for some time. Patient who were not sedated can go home almost immediately. In case a patient has undergone treatment under anaesthesia, then the patient is kept in the ward till the time the anaesthesia wears off. Patients who have had a sedative should not drive, operate machines, or consume alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure. The doctor’s instructions should be followed diligently. Patients who underwent sedation are started on a liquid diet within 2 hours and can continue normal diet if there are no issues with liquids. Depending on the procedure the patient is advised treatment through medication.

Cost Estimate

The cost for diagnostic procedures (Endoscopies/Colonoscopies/ERCP) is between $300 – 2500 depending on what further investigation is advised on the tissue samples taken. If any stents or implants are placed in the GI tracts then the cost of those remains extra. All costs given are best estimates and are confirmed before the procedure but after the patient has been throughly investigated.


Our experts will review your case and will arrange opinions/affordable treatment plans from top doctors at 2-3 leading hospitals in India. We give you the power to choose from the best available options.

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