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Most advanced Surgical Expertise includes

Highly skilled team of Nephrologists and Urologists, most of them educated and trained abroad at leading hospitals and have gained valuable knowledge, skills and experience to deliver clinical outcomes at par with global standards.

NABH and JCI accredited world class hospitals having state of the art facilities.

Dedicated Transplant ICU

Dedicated transplant ICUs to provide the highest levels of care and keep the cross infection rates to a bare minimum. All post transplant rooms are HEPA filter equipped for triple filteration

Robotic organ retreival

Our affiliated centres are equipped with Da Vinci Si Robotic surgery device for robotic kidney retrieval from the donor. This keeps the blood loss to a minimum, reduces chances of infection and hence reducing donor risk to as low as possible.

State of the Art Laboratory and Transfusion Services

The laboratory is equipped with ultra modern machines and all investigations are performed at the centre itself providing faster results. Moreover the lab and transfusion services provide 24 hour back up to the Kidney Transplant unit.

Fully equipped Ultra Modern Dialysis Centre

All our affiliated hospitals have fully equipped ultra modern dialysis centres. They keep the patient occupied and entertained while the patient undergoes his routine 4-hour dialysis process before the transplant.

Kidney Transplant in India

Kidney Transplant in India

Healthy kidneys are responsible for keeping the blood clean by removing the excess fluids, minerals and wastes from the blood. They also generate hormones that keep the blood clean and bones strong. When these kidneys fail due to any reason,  various complications arise which makes it necessary to transplant them with a new kidney. Although kidney transplant is not a permanent cure, as a patient needs to take medicines for the rest of his life. But still it is the only way he can hope for living a life like that of before the failure.

The process of kidney transplant requires that a healthy kidney is placed in the body where the new kidney takes over the working of the old kidneys. The new kidneys start producing urine as soon as blood flows through them. Sometimes it may take days, depending upon the complication.

In India, we can do renal transplant if patient comes with a suitable related donor. Donor must be a related one as we will be doing blood tests to confirm it and if it is found that donor is not related transplant cannot be done Donor should be 18 to 65 yrs of age. He should not have any major illness. The donor & the recipient undergoes a detailed evaluation which could partly be done in your country, this is to ensure that the donor’s & the recipients coming to India are healthy and suitable. Our one year patient & graft survival is above 96 % and 5 yrs graft survival is 91 %. The acute rejection rates are about 11 %.

For kidney transplantation in India, a recipient is required to have a blood group compatible kidney donor from the family (donor has to be between 18 to 65 yrs) as required by the human transplant act of our country. The recipient & donor will have to undergo detailed tests, which could take 7-15 days (depending on what is found on investigations), prior to transplantation. Transplantation can be done only after the authorization committee approves the donor. The respective embassy in Delhi will certify all the proofs of certificates and documents of relationship between the donor and the recipient.

We know that the procedure is rather complicated and a lot of assistance is required throughout the process. We at H&H, are committed to provide our best services at the most crucial times of your lives. Our team’s assistance has proved valuable to many patients having kidney transplants in India. We stand by your side through all the way and with all the resources we can and get your transplant achieved as soon as possible.


Our staff is sensitive to the needs of the patients and stand with you every step of the way.  They are capable to deliver assistance 24*7 in case of emergencies.

  • Pre-arrival, no-obligation free quote for your medical condition along with consultations and selection of best doctor/hospital

  • At H&H, all our assistance services are complimentary and you are not charged extra at the hospital if you go through us or go directly. Rather we have the capability of getting you the best prices.

  • Dedicated case manager as one-point contact for all your needs while you are here with us,also responsible to help you get the best price for your procedure

  • Complimentary Airport Pick-up/Drop, Translation,Interpretation services and assistance in choosing the best accommodation.

  • Complete assistance in making the right decisions when choosing the best procedure and full support during your stay at the hospital

  • When you’re back in your home country, we are always a click/call away for your regular follow-up, your visit was just the beginning of our relationship

Pre – Transplant

A thorough physical examination is conducted and the entire medical history of the patient is reviewed. A series of various tests are performed in order to review the current condition of the patient and prepare for the right transplant protocol. Donor too is thoroughly evaluated at this time to confirm his/her suitability. An antibody cross match test is performed which determines whether the transplant can proceed. Certain tests are also done and some documents are required to get the legal permission from the Govt of India committee for transplant. Once all tests and consultations are done and its a go from our side a Govt of India Committee meeting is conducted to receive the permission for transplant. If committee is satisfied which happens in most of our cases a transplant is lined up immediately and both patient and donor are admitted. The entire procedure of tests, consultations and permission can take upto 15 days. All this while the patient remains on regular dialysis on an outpatient basis at our hospital. If incase the committee is not satisfied (which mostly happens if the relation between patient and donor is not satisfactorily proved) then the required shortcomings are tried to be removed with more documents from your side.

Post – Transplant

Post transplant the recipient and donor both remain admitted. Donor remains in ICU for roughly 2 days and then remaining 4 in room before being discharged. Recipient remains in dedicated transplant ICU for 5-7 days as need be and is then shifted to an isolated room for another 10 days for proper recovery. Necessary nutritional and medical support is provided during this time to keep the complications to a bare minimum. Recipient is discharged at around 15 days from the date of transplant, prescribed the necessary drugs(including anti-rejection drugs) and is then advised to follow-up on an outpatient’s basis. Regular dose moderations are made at this time to achieve and optimum prescription. These follow-ups continue for roughly 20 days before the patient is Fit-To-Fly back to his home country. At this point you are free to follow-up regularly with us and your doctor via internet or we can refer you back to your local nephrologist.


Email your Medical Reports to us. Our experts will review your case and then will arrange opinions and affordable treatment cost estimates from top doctors at 2 or 3 leading hospitals in India .

Cost Estimate

Cost for Kidney Transplant – $14,000 – 16,000.


Cost for ABO Incompatible Kidney transplant – $ 25,000


The above estimate includes Surgeon Fee, transplant Fee, 12 days stay for patient and 5 days stay for donor. It also includes a fixed quantity off drugs and consumables, Staff fee, Food for patient, donor and each of their companions during hospital stay. Airport Pick-up & drop and services of our dedicated team of international patient service professionals.

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