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Most advanced Surgical Expertise includes

Highly skilled team of Nephrologists and Urologists, most of them educated and trained abroad at leading hospitals and have gained valuable knowledge, skills and experience to deliver clinical outcomes at par with global standards.

NABH and JCI accredited world class hospitals having state of the art facilities.

World Renowned Highly Experienced Specialists

Our affiliated centres boast of highly experienced faculty trained at the best centres around the world. They have the capability of delivering the best treatment with least amount of side-effects.

Latest Target Therapies

All the latest and research proven chemotherapy/target drug therapy regimens provided anywhere in the world are also available at our centres.

Compassionate Staff

The staff at our affiliated hospitals is compassionate and knows how to deliver the utmost care to all our patients. Our dedicated case managers take care of you and remain a call away during your entire stay.

We provide Chemo Protocols

We know that every chemotherapy drug has its own duration of dosage gaps and cycle requirements. At our centres our doctors examine you thoroughly, devise the best chemotherapy regimen for you and once you have taken the first dose of it here; you are given the choice to complete the course in your home country.

Medical Oncology in India

Medical Oncology in India

Medical oncology involves treatment of cancer with pharmaceutical drugs. Cancer is unproliferated growth of cells in the human body. It can happen anywhere in the body and if goes unchecked for a long time, can prove fatal. Drugs kill the cancer cells, prohibiting their growth and ability to divide. The drug therapy can be intravenous or in the oral form and is commonly known as the chemotherapy.

The role of chemotherapy is not always to cure cancer, sometimes it may just be given to control it. This usually depends upon the stage and type of cancer. Other types of treatments under medical oncology include the hormonal therapy and targeted therapy.

Hormonal therapy involves administration of specific hormones for the manipulation of the endocrine system. These specific hormones are the steroid hormones which inhibit the activity of hormone antagonists which in-turn reduce or stop the growth of cancer cells. Targeted therapy is also a major modality and involves molecular medicines. These molecules inhibit the growth of cancer at a molecular level by changing and interfering with the molecules which are needed for growth.


Our staff is sensitive to the needs of the patients and stand with you every step of the way.  They are capable to deliver assistance 24*7 in case of emergencies.

  • Pre-arrival, no-obligation free quote for your medical condition along with consultations and selection of best doctor/hospital

  • At H&H, all our assistance services are complimentary and you are not charged extra at the hospital if you go through us or go directly. Rather we have the capability of getting you the best prices.

  • Dedicated case manager as one-point contact for all your needs while you are here with us,also responsible to help you get the best price for your procedure

  • Complimentary Airport Pick-up/Drop, Translation,Interpretation services and assistance in choosing the best accommodation.

  • Complete assistance in making the right decisions when choosing the best procedure and full support during your stay at the hospital

  • When you’re back in your home country, we are always a click/call away for your regular follow-up, your visit was just the beginning of our relationship

Pre – Chemo

A cancer patient when he arrives at our centre is thoroughly examined and investigated by our team of specialists. He/she shall undergo various scans including PET-CT, CT, MRI, etc as need be along with other necessary investigations. These are done to assess the current status of the disease in the patients body. Once all the investigations results are collated, the doctor chooses and advises the best approach for the treatment of cancer (Surgical, Radiation or Chemotherapy/hormonal therapy). If the patient is advised Chemotherapy or hormonal therapy, h/she remains under medical oncology and a treatment plan is prepared. He/she si explained the course of the chemotherapy with the dosage and cycle requirement. Once all details are explained and patient accepts them, a date of admission is given to the patient.

Post – Chemo

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer through chemicals, many of which have some or many side-effects. One of the vital roles of a medical oncologist is to manage these post-chemotherapy side effects. Patient is kept under regular follow-up after being discharged. At the time of discharge to various drugs are provided to manage expected complications like nausea. Patient’s blood counts are kept under a check and if need be various growth factor injections or supportive treatments are given to reduce the side effects. One of the primary things to notice for a post-chemotherapy patient is occurrence of fever or diarrhoea.

Cost Estimate

Cost Estimate  for Investigations/Treatment planning – $ 2000

This cost estimate includes doctor’s consultations, investigations including a PET-CT Scan and certain blood investigations among others required to check the viability of patient to receive chemotherapy. Any extra investigation or Biopsy required is charged extra. The cost of treatment can only be devised once it is decided what Chemo-drug needs to be given along with its course.



Email your Medical Reports to us. Our experts will review your case and then will arrange opinions and affordable treatment cost estimates from top doctors at 2 or 3 leading hospitals in India .

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Please scan and email your medical reports at or and we shall  get you a Free, No Obligation Opinion from India’s leading Transplant Surgeons/ Specialist Doctors.

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