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WORLD CLASS Weight Management services IN INDIA

The latest treatments for obese and the morbidly obese

Our affiliated team of highly skilled Gastro-Intestinal surgeons and Plastic surgeons, educated and trained at leading hospitals and have gained valuable knowledge, skills and experience to deliver clinical outcomes at par with global standards with least amount of complications.

NABH and JCI accredited world class hospitals having state of the art facilities.

Highly Experienced and skilled staff

The staff at our affiliated weight management centres is highly skilled and equipped with the latest technology to provide you treatment options without any complications

Minimally Invasive Procedures

All our affiliated weight management centres provide minimally invasive laparoscopic surgeries as an option for all the weight management procedures.

Short stay options available

Our affiliated weight management centres offer short stay options as they have perfected the art of minimally invasive surgery. In most cases you are back in home on the 5th day and back at work in 2 weeks.

Cosmetic Options Available

Cosmetic options of weight management are available at our affiliated centres. They offer procedures from Abdominoplasty(Tummy tuck) to loose skin reductions as well as liposuctions.

Weight Management Procedures

Weight Management Procedures

Unlike other ailments, weight management is a long term approach to a healthy lifestyle. If a person is underweight or overweight, he is prone to a large number of health problems. By developing some healthy habits and maintaining a lifestyle that resonates with the needs of a person, he can manage his body weight. Obesity is a major problem being faced worldwide. Any person with a BMI greater than 35 is eligible for weight loss surgery along with a person of BMI greater than 32 with serious health issues. India has always been a sought after destination for patients seeking weight management and weight related surgeries, offering the best infrastructure at unbelievable rates, we are the best choice for weight management surgery in India. The following options are 4 popular options :-


Sleeve Gastrectomy-

In this surgical procedure, a large portion of stomach is removed along the curvature so that the stomach is reduced to 25%-40% of its original size. This process is irreversible in nature, although the stomach may dilate a bit in the later part of life. The resulting shape of the stomach is a tube or sleeve like structure. The surgery finds its name as sleeve as a banana like structure is left that connects the oesophagus to the small intestine. This surgery gives instant results for the obese but to maintain the weight loss it is highly advisable to follow a new, lesser calorie diet and an active lifestyle.


Lap Binding-

Known as an A band or LABG, lap band is a silicone device which is implanted in the top portion of the stomach for treating obesity. Because of the device, the food consumption of the person is lowered substantially which helps him/her restrict weight gain and eventually loose some too. This helps the patient fight other problems like sleep apnea, diabetes, GERD or even hypertension. After banding, the stomach can hold about only an ounce of food. The only drawback of this surgery is that some patients feel nauseated in the initial post-operative days.


Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)-

This is a cosmetic surgery involving removal of fat and skin from lower and middle abdomen in order to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall. The top of the patients abdomen area is stretched to be stitched below after removal of fat and skin in between. This procedure to gives instant results and is also done on people who have loose and sagging tissues after major weight loss or pregnancy. The abdominoplasty may be either complete or partial depending upon one’s condition. The drawback of this surgery is that its a one time weight loss and doesn’t provide any future benefits or control over gaining weight again.

Gastric Bypass-

This procedure is carried out for morbidly obese people with body mass index above 40. In this surgery a two way junction is created where-in half the food goes in stomach and the other half goes directly into the intestine, hence the name bypass. This changes the way stomach and small intestine handle our food. The drawback of this surgery though is that food does not end up in stomach and small intestine as before, because of which not all nutrients are properly absorbed by the body. In the long run, patients who undergo this procedure may require nutritional support orally through supplement medications.


Endocrinological Management of weight-

The endocrine system is responsible for secretion of hormones through various glands. These hormones control are responsible for running of important body functions including metabolism. In certain cases weight management can very well be done through managing the endocrine system with the help of some medications.


Each of the above procedures have their suitable candidates and a good specialist is one who can recommend you the best procedure out of the above in accordance to your condition. Our affiliated weight management specialists (GI surgeons, Plastic Surgeons & Plastic surgeons) are some of the most renowned in the field.


Our staff is sensitive to the needs of the patients and stand with you every step of the way.  They are capable to deliver assistance 24*7 in case of emergencies.

  • Pre-arrival, no-obligation free quote for your medical condition along with consultations and selection of best doctor/hospital

  • At H&H, all our assistance services are complimentary and you are not charged extra at the hospital if you go through us or go directly. Rather we have the capability of getting you the best prices.

  • Dedicated case manager as one-point contact for all your needs while you are here with us,also responsible to help you get the best price for your procedure

  • Complimentary Airport Pick-up/Drop, Translation,Interpretation services and assistance in choosing the best accommodation.

  • Complete assistance in making the right decisions when choosing the best procedure and full support during your stay at the hospital

  • When you’re back in your home country, we are always a click/call away for your regular follow-up, your visit was just the beginning of our relationship


The first thing that is established in weight management procedures is the suitability of the patient. In most cases patients approach a doctor for these procedures after researching themselves and it becomes very important for good specialist to weigh the pros and cons and explain them in complete detail to the patient. Once the suitability is established the patient undergoes certain blood investigations and imaging scans. He/she is also made to undergo cardiac and pre-anaesthetic clearances to make sure he/she is fit to undergo the surgery. The patient in these procedures is generally admitted on the early morning of the same day as procedure with complete overnight fasting as a prerequisite.


Most weight management procedures at our affiliated centres are done through minimally invasive procedures. Less than 5% people face minor complications after the surgery. Normally, the patient is required to stay at the hospital for around 3 days and can return to normal life in 3-4 weeks. If the surgery was open, then more time may be required for a complete recovery. Lifting of heavy objects to avoided for 3-4weeks in order to let the wound heal. Some common side effects like constipation, gall stones, wound infections or dumping syndrome may occur. In any of these cases, the doctor may be consulted immediately. Post-surgery diet and an active lifestyle play a major role in determining the success of the surgery as well as to reap the benefits for a longer duration.

Cost Estimate

Pre-surgery evaluation – $500-1000


Sleeve Gastrectomy – $ 6500-7000


Lap Banding – $ 3500


Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) – $4000 – 7000 depending on the depth of the surgery.


Gastric Bypass – $6000-6500


Endocrinology Management – $ 2000-2500


The above includes the Surgeon’s Fee, Procedure charge, drugs and consumables while admitted, stay and food for a companion, hospital stay for 3days.


Email your medical reports to us. Our experts will review your case and then will arrange opinions and affordable treatment cost estimates from top doctors at leading hospitals in India.

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